Cornell University Microcontrollers Projects

Check out the Cornell University student microcontroller projects page. The projects were created for the ECE 5760 course (Advanced Microcontroller Design and System-on-Chip). Students were given the responsibility of choosing their project, then designing and building it. Projects include games, audio applications, and graphics applications. Students could use any combination of Verilog, SOPC, ASM, C, and an operating system. The projects were limited to one DE2 development board at all times.

Recent Projects

  • System-on-Chip Toolkit
  • FPGA BBQ Stick video game (mp4)
  • Real time Edge extraction (mp4)
  • Real time Spectrograph (mp4 voice, mp4 music)
  • Real time, Single Image, Random Dot Stereogram (mov 12 Mbyte, static image)
  • Real time audio pitch shifter (mp4)
  • FPGA Paint (mp4)
  • Parallelized Knuth-Morris-Pratt Search Algorithm
  • UDP Network Hardware
  • 3D WireMesh Generator
  • Light Source Motion Tracking
  • Laser tracker
  • FPGA Jezzball
  • Programmable Discrete Graphics Hardware
  • SimpleGPU
  • 3D wiremesh

More info: Cornell University ECE 5760 Advanced Microcontrollers Final Projects