Freescale ColdFire Processor Cores for Nextreme NEW ASIC

eASIC’s eZ-IP core library now include Freescale’s 32-bit V1 and V2 ColdFire processor cores for Nextreme NEW ASICs. The new additions enable designers to implement small foot-print, ColdFire cores on fast turnaround Nextreme NEW ASIC. The V1 and V2 ColdFire cores for the Nextreme NEW ASICs are available from IPextreme. The cores are delivered in Verilog source RTL and include synthesizable Verilog source code, integration testbench and tests, documentation, and scripts for simulation and synthesis with support for all common EDA tools.

The inclusion of V1 and V2 ColdFire processors in the eZ-IP portfolio enables embedded system designers to leverage their existing code-base while quickly delivering optimized, highly differentiated, low-cost solutions that can be taken into high-volume production.

With almost three times greater performance of comparable implementations in low-cost FPGAs, Nextreme NEW ASICs provide system designers with a significantly better price/performance alternative to FPGA implementations and with a much lower up-front cost alternative to standard cell ASIC implementations. The 32-bit RISC V1 and V2 ColdFire processors are backed by a complete and proven ecosystem of development tools, software stacks, and drivers from Freescale and other leading providers such as GNU, Green Hills Software, Wind River Systems, Accelerated Technology / Mentor Graphics, and many others.

More information: eASIC | IPextreme