Interra Front End Tools for Nextreme Structured ASICs

Interra Systems has integrated Concorde(TM) into the eX and eWizard(TM) design tools for the Nextreme 90nm family of structured ASICs from eASIC. Concorde is a Verilog, VHDL and mixed language parser, elaborator, and synthesis front-end.

Cheetah, the Verilog and SystemVerilog analyzer and Jaguar, the VHDL analyzer, are used as language front-ends by several well known industry tools from major EDA vendors, such as Synopsys(SNPS), Cadence(CDNS), Mentor(MENT), as well as startups. Robust field proven quality, professional support and customization services enable EDA tool developers to reduce time-to-market and development cost. Interra provides latest support for VHDL standard IEEE 1076, Verilog standard IEEE 1364 and SystemVerilog standard IEEE 1800. Interra also provides analyzers for other EDA standards like UPF, CPF, SDF, SPEF, DEF, LEF, HSPICE, and Liberty.

More info: Interra Systems | eASIC