Altera, Eutecus Team on Four-Channel Video Analytics Solution

Altera introduced a new four-channel, standard definition (SD) video analytics solution targeting digital video recorders (DVRs) and network video recorders (NVRs) for surveillance systems. The four-channel D1 video analytics solution is available now. The FPGA-based video surveillance solution is ideal for banking, education, city, industrial, government and traffic surveillance systems. Altera’s latest video analytics solution was jointly developed with Eutecus.

The new video analytics solution features a low-cost, low-power Cyclone IV FPGA and Eutecus’ Multi-Core Video Analytics Engine (MVE) intellectual property (IP) core, which performs the analytics functions in the FPGA. Compared to a DSP or traditional server-based approach, this solution helps engineers to reduce cost by replacing multiple DSP processors with a single FPGA while lowering power consumption to under 3W.

This FPGA-based video analytics solution is highly flexible and helps designers to customize their own video surveillance system. The Eutecus’ MVE IP combines massively parallel algorithms and specialized multi-core coprocessors with multiple Altera Nios II cores integrated into a Cyclone IV FPGA. The solution comes with a software GUI that allows designers to customize the event-detection parameters and rules for their specific applications. The Eutecus’ IP includes a robust application programming interface (API) that interfaces with a customer’s video management systems or can be used to develop custom GUI solutions.

Altera’s latest video analytics solution enables engineers to analyze four D1 480p/30fps (frames-per second) video channels simultaneously using a single FPGA. Designers can quickly and cost-effectively add this capability to their existing SD surveillance investment without having to purchase new cameras with integrated analytics.

Altera offers a single-vendor source model for the overall video analytics solution. The IP and FPGA can be purchased directly from Altera, which simplifies the development of a video surveillance system significantly. The purchasing model eliminates the need to work with multiple vendors for licensing fees, NRE charges, or royalties.

More info: Altera Corporation | Eutecus, Inc.