OptNgn 2D-FFT FPGA Library Elements

OptNgn Software introduced their 2D-FFT FPGA library elements. The elements feature processing rates up to 306 mega complex pixels per second. The FFT library are delivered either individually as instantly downloadable and are high throughput complex 2-dimensional FFT instances, with 2-power dimension sizes, tuned for use inside FPGA devices. The 2D-FFT FPGA Library is ideal for inexpensive, low power sensor data stream processing of convolution and filtering-based applications from video, medical, radar/sonar, and scientific-based real-time sources.

OptNgn Software 2D-FFT FPGA library elements

OptNgn 2D-FFT FPGA Library Features

  • Two-power sizes: 2k x 2l where k,l = 4,5,6,7,8
  • Complex fixed point, simple scale
  • Widths: 16, 18, 24, 35 bits
  • FFT/IFFT, amortized IFFT gain
  • Natural order output
  • Streaming matrix algorithm
  • One sample I-and-O per clock
  • Winograd Kernels for low multiplier usage
  • Scilab Verification/Accuracy Model is included, along with random-input SQNR calculation
  • Vendor independence: choice of vendor netlist (Xilinx, Altera), or encrypted RTL (Mentor Precision)
  • Availability of full RTL library
  • Availability of multiple I/O stream processing
  • Availability of external memory versions
  • Avalability of 2D-Real FFT library

Individual FFT Library elements are priced from $75 to $800 as InstaIP Xilinx and Altera netlists. The Mentor Graphics Precision elements are delivered as Precise-Encrypt RTL, which allows for mapping to any FPGA families supported by the Mentor Precision Synthesis toolkit. Each element is instantly available now. The library elements can process thousands of frames per second.

More information: OptNgn Software