DRC Computer RPU110-L200 Reconfigurable Processor Unit

DRC Computer announced the availability of the RPU110-L200 Reconfigurable Processor Unit (RPU). The RPU110-L200 includes an independent memory controller that provides greater memory bandwidth for maximum data flow. It also incorporates the largest FPGA available to deliver the greatest usable logic capacity for improved code efficiency and accelerated performance of compute-intensive applications.

DRC’s RPU110–L200 module plugs directly into an open processor socket in a multi-way AMD Opteron(TM) system to provide direct access to adjacent double data-rate (DDR) memory and Opteron processors at HyperTransport(TM) speed and nanosecond latency. This tight coupling between the central processing unit (CPU) and memory eliminates bandwidth and latency issues and provides a general-purpose system with supercomputer capability by running computations in hardware. Resulting speeds can be 10 to 20 times faster than if the subroutines were run in software. In addition, the RPU110-L200 is inherently efficient, requiring less power and space and reducing the number of nodes required to do the same work.

The RPU110-L200 features on-board DDR2 memory, any of three HyperTransport bus interfaces and the largest FPGAs on the market, including the Xilinx Virtex(TM)-4 LX160, and Virtex-4 LX200 FPGAs. The RPU110-L200 enables greater application acceleration in three ways: first, with three times more compute resources in the L200, more of any given application can run on the RPU; second, with 2GB of on-board RPU memory plus the 8GB of motherboard memory, the RPU110-L200 delivers more than 17GB/second of system memory bandwidth, three times the stand-alone CPU bandwidth; and third, up to 3.2GB of usable system bus bandwidth is now available.

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