Barco DO-254 Certified Silex BA511 ARINC 429 IP Core for Actel ProASIC 3

The Barco Silex BA511 ARINC 429 IP core, targeted for Actel’s ProASIC(R)3 FPGAs, has been DO-254 certified through implementations in multiple safety-critical avionics applications. Actel’s ProASIC3 A3P1000 devices, featuring Barco’s BA511 ARINC 429 IP core, were selected for a total of four DO-254 certified implementations in commercial aviation programs, including two at the highest Design Assurance Level (DAL-A), and two at the second highest level (DAL-B).

DO-254 is a design assurance guideline intended to ensure that commercial aircraft avionics systems are designed in a manner consistent with the safety-critical nature of the application. The criticality of a design is assessed in terms of its Design Assurance Level. There are five DAL categories, with A being the most safety-critical. DO-254 certification is required on all major aircraft programs currently in development, for example Airbus A350, Boeing 787 and retrofits to B747 and B777 aircrafts.

ARINC-429 is an industry-standard communications interface used in the commercial avionics industry for handling command and control signals between electronic systems on board commercial aircraft.

In this risk-averse design environment, the availability of the Barco BA511 ARINC 429 IP design artifacts minimizes risk, time and effort, saving designers from either developing the design artifacts themselves or having to develop their own ARINC 429 interface designs for flight-critical or safety-critical applications requiring DO-254 certification.

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