DPA Countermeasures for Actel FPGA Devices

Actel has licensed Cryptography Research patents to enhance the security of field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) against Differential Power Analysis (DPA) and other side-channel related attacks. DPA is a form of attack that involves monitoring variations in the electrical power consumption of a target device, then using advanced statistical methods to determine cryptographic keys.

Actel will use DPA countermeasures to protect bitstream loading on FPGAs. The DPA countermeasures will protect intellectual property and cryptographic keys from adversaries using power analysis and related attacks. Countermeasures to DPA are used to protect tamper-resistant chips utilized in applications such as government, banking, defense, pay television, mass transit, secure ID, product authentication, smart electricity grids, trusted platform modules, and wired and wireless communication.

The licensing agreement between Actel and Cryptography Research also includes an option for Actel customers to implement their own or licensed third party DPA countermeasures on certain Actel products without requiring the customer to obtain a separate license from Cryptography Research.

Cryptography Research has been awarded over 50 patents covering countermeasures to DPA attacks, with additional patent applications pending.

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