Tensilica Supports Avnet LX60

Tensilica is supporting the Avnet LX60 FPGA boards for high-speed hardware-based simulations of its Diamond Standard processor family. Software developers can use the low cost FPGA boards, which allow Diamond Standard processor cores to run on Xilinx Virtex-4 FPGAs, to speed their software design, debug and program optimization processes.

Tensilica’s Diamond Standard software developers’ toolkit (Diamond SDK) – consisting of an IDE (the Xtensa Xplorer integrated design environment), code development toolchain and instruction set simulator (ISS) – works seamlessly with the Avnet LX60 boards. The Diamond software tools contain software libraries that enable software developers to use standard C library functions such as printf to print out to the host PC and read/write from the hard disk of the host PC.

Tensilica built into the Diamond SDK two powerful capabilities that let developers take maximum advantage of the Avnet LX60 FPGA board by allowing designers to gather more profiling information since they can profile their applications for a much longer time than with an ISS. First, with hardware-based profiling, the system generates an execution profile of the program allowing the developer to quickly pinpoint execution hotspots. This profile can be viewed graphically under Tensilica’s Xtensa Xplorer IDE.

A board support package (BSP) for the Diamond Standard processor family for the Avnet LX60 FPGA board is available now from Tensilica. Pricing starts at $3000 for the BSP package supporting the Diamond Standard 108 Mini, Diamond Standard 212GP, Diamond Standard 232L and Diamond Standard 570T processors.

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