Lattice Diamond 1.1 FPGA Design Software

Lattice Semiconductor rolled out version 1.1 of their Lattice Diamond FPGA design software. The new version features support for their new MachXO2 PLD family, completion of support for the LatticeECP3 FPGA family, and the initial release of Lattice’s own synthesis engine with support for the MachXO and MachXO2 product families. The Lattice Diamond software is available now for download for both Windows and Linux. Once downloaded and installed, it can be used with either the Lattice Diamond free license or the Lattice Diamond subscription license.

Lattice Diamond 1.1 Software Highlights

  • Support for the New MachXO2 PLD Family
    The Lattice Diamond design environment enables engineers to easily explore design alternatives as they target cost sensitive, low power, high volume applications

  • Support for Lattice Synthesis Engine (LSE)
    LSE supports both Verilog and VHDL languages and uses SDC format for constraints. It is integrated into the Lattice Diamond 1.1 design environment as a synthesis tool choice.

  • Updated Support for the LatticeECP3 FPGA Family
    Lattice Diamond 1.1 supports the final production power, timing and SSO analysis values for the entire LatticeECP3 FPGA family, including the recently released ECP3-17EA device. Improvements to the synthesis, MAP and PAR implementation engines have resulted in an average FMax improvement of 20% on larger designs, such as those targeted to the ECP3-150EA device. Enhancements to the targeting of behavioral HDL to the sysDSP block’s cascading feature have resulted in improved performance, specifically a 30% performance improvement for the Lattice FIR IP.

  • Design Flow Enhancements
    Lattice Diamond 1.1 features several design flow enhancements that include even faster recalculation of static timing analysis in the Timing Analysis View

  • Additional Simulation Features
    All Lattice Diamond free software users now have the ability to simulate mixed language designs and access to more simulator capacity to handle even larger designs. Previously this capability was available only to users that purchased the Lattice Diamond subscription license.

  • Third Party Tool Support
    Synopsys’ Synplify Pro advanced FPGA synthesis is included for all operating systems supported, and Aldec’s Active-HDL Lattice Edition II simulator is included for Windows. In addition to the tool support for Lattice devices provided by the OEM versions of Synplify Pro and Active-HDL, Lattice devices are also supported by the full versions of Synopsys Synplify Pro and Aldec Active-HDL. Mentor Graphics ModelSim SE and Precision RTL synthesis also support Lattice devices.

The Lattice Diamond free license enables Synopsys Synplify Pro for Lattice synthesis and now, with the Lattice Diamond 1.1 release, the Aldec Lattice Edition II mixed language simulator, with increased capacity and performance previously available only with the Lattice Diamond subscription license. The Lattice Diamond subscription license adds support for all Lattice FPGAs, including the latest LatticeECP3 devices. It enables Synopsys Synplify Pro for Lattice synthesis and the Aldec Lattice Edition II mixed language simulator. The Lattice Diamond subscription license enables both the new Lattice Diamond software and existing ispLEVER software from a single license. The Lattice Diamond subscription license price is $895 per year.

More information: Lattice Semiconductor Diamond Downloads