Achronix Speedster SPC60 Plug-In Card for SPD60 FPGA

Achronix Semiconductor introduced the Speedster SPC60 Plug-In Card for the Achronix SPD60 FPGA. The SPC60 development kit features a 1066 Mbps DDR3 reference design for out of the box integration with customer designs. The SPC60 embeds the 1066 Mbps DDR3 controllers in the SPD60 FPGA and eliminates difficult memory interface implementation and verification challenges. The Speedster Plug-In Card offers designers a platform for evaluating Speedster performance and IP. The SPC60 board and development tools are available now.

Speedster SPC60 Plug-In Card for Achronix SPD60 FPGA

The development board is designed for systems engineers who need access to both high-end 10.3 Gbps SerDes and DDR3 memory in a compact platform. SPC60 is ideal for applications where there is a growing need for high-performance (both logic and interconnect), such as in the high-end networking, signal processing, and high-performance computing markets.

With the SPC60 development board, designers can exercise the full performance of the Speedster device, run prepared designs provided with the kit, configure the device with a new design, and debug that design on a common platform. Achronix-specific and industry-standard development tools are provided, along with a collection of standard reference designs.

The SPD60 FPGA has four embedded DDR3 controllers. A full-speed (533 MHz, 1066 Mbps), full-width (72-bit) DDR3 interface can be built using no programmable logic resources. It comes complete with reference design RTL code and documentation, which can be modified as required. Neither the controller nor the reference design requires any license fee.

More information: Achronix Semiconductor