Darbee Visual Presence Technology Features Altera Cyclone FPGA

One of the products behind Darbee Visual Presence (DVP) technology is the Altera Cyclone FPGA (field programmable gate array). DarbeeVision technology inserts depth cues to create images that seem to pop off the screen. Altera’s FPGA devices will make Darbee technology more accessible to OEMs and consumer electronics manufacturers, enabling them to quickly deploy the technology in applications like television sets, video game consoles, mobile devices, digital picture frames, and aftermarket TV accessory boxes.

Darbee Visual Presence FPGA IP is capable of processing HD 1080p/60 video in real time on Altera’s Cyclone III and IV products. DarbeeVision pioneered a methodology of using computation to create and embed stereo disparity information into monoscopic images, for an image enhancement effect that goes beyond the fidelity of an image to the original scene.

Darbee Visual Presence technology embeds monoscopic depth cues and details in an image by modulating the local pixel luminence. DARBEE DVP can accept any color input or bit depth and will output the same. The color vector is never changed. However, the saturation can be adjusted if needed. Using a patented form of image stacking technology, DVP does not perform temporal base processing so memory needs are minimal. Processing is strictly intra-frame and is very fast. DARBEE DVP technology also includes a saliency map. OThe saliency map allows for 100% automatic processing of only those parts of the image that are worthy of attention, without processing the grainy or noisy areas of the image.

More information: DarbeeVision