Microtronix ViClaro III Video IP Development Kit

Microtronix, with the help of Altera, recently developed the ViClaro III HD Panel Display Interface – Video IP Development Kit. The ViClaro III kit helps high-definition (HD) video display designers build highly integrated, next-generation HD 1080p, 100-/120-Hz frame rate conversion television sets or panel display systems. The ViClaro III kit, which uses the Cyclone III FPGA as its engine, provides a comprehensive engineering design and evaluation platform. With the kit, designers can efficiently develop video-processing IP algorithms to support an array of display applications providing superior picture quality.

The ViClaro III kit features the highest density Cyclone III FPGA, the EP3C120 device, as well as an HD multimedia interface (HDMI) and USB 2.0 PHY. With its system integration capabilities, the kit is an ideal starting point for developing HDTV systems, broadcast video conversion/processing applications, HD projectors or plasma/LCD TVs, DVD recorders and cameras, video test and measurement equipment, and medical diagnostic equipment.

The ViClaro III kit includes:

  • ViClaro III HD Video Host Board, which contains the Cyclone III EP3C120 FPGA, USB 2.0 PHY, and DDR2 memory interface
  • Quad Link LVDS Panel Display Interface Card, which supports 48 LVDS receive and transmit links, each with five data channels and one clock for a total of 48 LVDS channel pairs
  • Two Altera device-compliant high-speed mezzanine connectors (HSMC) and one dedicated HSMC LVDS connector for adding an application-specific daughtercard
  • HDMI 1.3 Dual Receiver Card (optional), which interfaces two 36-bit deep-color HDMI 1.3 input video ports to the ViClaro II host board

The ViClaro III development kit is priced at $3995.

More info: Microtronix | Altera Cyclone III FPGA