IRIS FPGA Data Acquisition Boards

IRIS Technologies Inc. announced low cost multi-FPGA, FPGA plus DSP, and FPGA plus DSP data acquisition boards. IRIS cards are ideal for Offload Processing, Algorithm Acceleration, ASIC prototyping and for use in High Performance Computing (HPC) and System Prototyping/Emulation applications.

All IRIS boards come with between 1 GB (Giga-Byte) to 2 GB (Giga-Byte) of DDRII memory expandable to 2 GB to 4 GB with between 2 to 4 highest speed grade Altera Cyclone II EP2C70 FPGAs with 70,000 logic elements each and multiple 1 GHz Texas Instruments TMS320C6416T Digital Signal Processors. The boards can be used stand alone or in standard servers with PCI Express x4 slots. Also included are evaluation copies of development software from Texas Instruments and Altera Quartus II Web Edition software. The boards also feature a PCI express core and driver software with a simple API for Microsoft Windows to ease customer application development.

The pricing of IRIS cards is: IRIS Cyclone Compute $6495, IRIS DSP Compute $6495, IRIS DSP DPA Compute $7495 per unit. For systems that do not accommodate full-length PCIe cards and to interconnect multiple cards for stand-alone use, cables are provided at an additional cost. Volume discounts are also available.

More info: IRIS PCI Express Boards