Altera 28nm FPGA and ASIC Device Portfolio

Altera introduced their portfolio of 28nm devices (Cyclone V, Arria V and FPGA families, and HardCopy V ASIC family). With the 28nm portfolio, Altera leverages transceiver technology, product architecture, intellectual property (IP) integration, and process technology to optimize solutions that address diverse design challenges. Altera’s 28nm device portfolio will be supported by their Quartus II development software. The Quartus II software’s new Qsys system-level integration tool simplifies IP integration.

Altera portfolio of 28nm devices (Cyclone V, Arria V and FPGA families, and HardCopy V ASIC family)

Altera 28nm Devices Highlights

  • Transceiver technology optimized for each 28nm device family performance range
  • 28nm devices support transceiver speeds from 600 Mbps to 28 Gbps
  • On-chip memories optimized for performance and efficiency
  • Hard and soft memory controllers to support the necessary application bandwidth, power and cost requirements
  • High-end, midrange and low-cost I/Os optimized for performance
  • Range of system-level IP will be harden, such as PCI Express (PCIe) Gen2 x1 and x4, PCIe Gen3 x8, Interlaken, 40G/100G and 100 Gigabit Ethernet (100GbE)
  • TSMC’s 28nm High Performance (28HP) process technology for Stratix V FPGAs and HardCopy V ASICs
  • TSMC’s 28-nm Low-Power (28LP) process technology for Cyclone V FPGAs and Arria V FPGAs
  • 28LP process enables Altera to deliver an optimal balance of cost, performance and low power

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