Aldec DO-254 Compliance Tool Set for Altera Devices

Aldec, Inc. announced a comprehensive in-hardware verification solution that supports Altera Corporation (NASDAQ: ALTR) customers with DO-254 compliance projects. The global partnership combines Altera’s FPGA and HardCopy ASIC devices with Aldec’s DO-254 Compliance Tool Set (CTS), creating an in-hardware verification solution addressing Level A and Level B compliance requirements of the RTCA DO-254 specification.

Aldec provides a cost-effective solution for customers targeting Altera’s Cyclone FPGAs, Stratix FPGAs, Arria GX FPGAs and HardCopy ASICs, which require DO-254 compliance. The verification solution addresses the challenges associated with traditional in-hardware testing using a logic analyzer to validate an FPGA on the final system board. Aldec’s DO-254 CTS solution provides the designer with access to all of the FPGA I/O pins at the board level. The Aldec DO-254 CTS meets customers’ requirements for the DO-254 tool assessment and qualification process and provides the required documentation to meet the DO-254 standard.

The Aldec DO-254 CTS reuses the HDL simulation testbench with 100 percent functional coverage for in-hardware testing in the target Altera device at-speed. As with HDL simulation, all of the I/O pins on the FPGA are available for in-hardware testing. The golden sets of waveform vectors validated in the HDL simulation are checked against the sets of waveform vectors generated from the Altera device. If any mismatches are found, they can be easily investigated using Aldec’s graphical waveform viewer. The Aldec DO-254 CTS meets all of the designers’ in-hardware testing needs for the most demanding DO-254 applications of Level A and Level B.

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