QuickLogic UltraDMA Proven System Block

QuickLogic® Corporation (NASDAQ:QUIK) has developed an UltraDMA (UDMA) system block for its Customer Specific Standard Product (CSSP) platforms. Created in conjunction with CSSP customers, the UDMA block speeds data transfers to mass storage while reducing system power requirements. The UDMA Proven System Block (PSB) is available immediately as part of QuickLogic’s CSSP support package.

The UDMA block quadruples the speed of parallel-ATA data transfers from 16 Mbytes/sec to 66 Mbytes/sec. Designers can also translate the performance increase into power savings by putting the HDD into a low-power sleep mode in between data transfers. The higher transfer speed means that the HDD spends more time asleep.

The UDMA block works in ATA/ATAPI-5 modes as well as multi-word DMA and PIO modes, and includes driver software for the Linux operating system. Development of a Windows CE based software driver is also planned for release.

QuickLogic’s development of the UDMA PSB arose as the result of working with a customer on creation of a CSSP for a wireless HDD product. QuickLogic worked very closely with customers and jointly defined the system architecture to create the UDMA block.

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