CSP FPGA Development Platform

CSP introduced its new FastCluster FPGA Development Platform. The development platform includes a Virtex-5 FPGA XMC development board, a Board Support Package, and the CoreFire Design Suite on a Window based PC providing all the components needed to develop and debug computational intensive DSP applications. The FastCluster FPGA Development Platform integrates Annapolis Micro System’s development tools and DSP libraries with FastCluster FPGA XMC modules. The GUI and dataflow model offer the hardware abstraction required to accelerate the programming of the thousands of Xilinx DSP48E slices available on the FastCluster platform. The FastCluster FPGA Development Platform enables engineers to start prototyping FPGA applications targeted for deployment on the FastCluster XL-Gate architecture. XL-Gate is ideal for radar, sonar, and surveillance signal processing.

More information: CSP