Lattice ispLEVER Classic v1.3 Design Tool Suite

Lattice Semiconductor introduced version 1.3 of their ispLEVER Classic design tool suite. The latest version includes updated support for Lattice CPLDs (Complex Programmable Logic Devices), including the ispMACH 4000 device family. The ispLEVER Classic 1.3 software also includes updated ordering part number designations for GAL 22V10 lead free QFNS package devices. To further support designers who maintain mature systems with discontinued Lattice devices, ispLEVER Classic1.3 software now includes the “Obsolete Pack,” which enables additional device support within the design tools. To enable the pack, users simply check the “Show Obsolete Devices” option within the new Project Wizard feature of the Project Navigator application. The ispLEVER Classic 1.3 tool suite for Windows users is available immediately for free.

More information: Lattice Semiconductor ispLEVER Classic Software