Altera Debuts Five New Low Cost Cyclone V FPGA Development Kits

Altera introduced five new low-cost development kits based on its Cyclone V FPGAs. The Altera kits make it easy for designers to cost-effectively get started on FPGA development with an entry point of just $49. Altera’s portfolio of low-cost CPLDs, FPGAs and SoCs are available now in production. All low-cost development kits supporting the portfolio are available today.

The new development kits include:

  • Arrow BeMicro CV
    This is a $49 development kit that features a Cyclone V E FPGA. The low-cost development kit helps developers to get started with their Cyclone V FPGA project within minutes.
  • TerASIC Cyclone V GX Starter Kit
    This $179 kit includes both a high-speed mezzanine connector (HSMC) and an Arduino connector. It helps engineers to quickly start building low-power video systems, including automotive driver assistance and human machine interfaces.
  • Altima Cyclone V GX Development Kit
    This is a $349 kit that offers a quick and simple approach to develop low-cost and low-power, FPGA-based system-level designs.
  • EBV Elektronik Cyclone V GX Development Board
    This €749 board includes a number of design examples that helps designers quickly develop projects that require high-speed serial transceivers.
  • EBV Elektronik Mercury Code Cyclone V GX Development Board
    This €599 board helps engineers rapidly develop FPGA-based systems used in industrial automation and communications applications.

More info: Altera