CoWare SPW Library for Xilinx LTE IP

CoWare has integrated and is distributing models of Xilinx’s LTE Baseband IP portfolio with their SPW LTE solution. By combining the SPW LTE solution with Xilinx’s Virtex and Spartan FPGA devices, engineers implementing advanced 4G basestations will be able to reduce system integration and optimization time. The CoWare SPW Library for Xilinx LTE IP is available for shipment now.

The new CoWare SPW Library for Xilinx LTE IP includes the Xilinx reference models for critical LTE functions such as the turbo decoder and the MIMO decoder. Basestation developers validate the specification of their product by simulating C-models and comparing these results against reference results from the LTE standard.

In the CoWare solution, designers can save time by combining C-models of their own LTE blocks together with the Xilinx LTE IP models. Using the regression simulation and analysis infrastructure that CoWare SPW provides, design teams can automatically check millions of test vectors and hundreds of system scenarios for functional and performance compliance with the LTE standard.

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