Impulse CoDeveloper C-to-FPGA Optimizing Compiler v3.7

Impulse Accelerated Technologies introduced CoDeveloper C-to-FPGA Optimizing Compiler v3.7. The latest version of the C-language development environment for FPGAs features improvements to compiler performance, expanded Linux support and new parallel hardware optimization (including support for higher-throughput streaming I/O). Impulse CoDeveloper v3.7 update is available for free to licensed users of the CoDeveloper software with active maintenance agreements.

Impulse CoDeveloper v3.7 Features

  • Compiler performance improvements
  • Expanded Linux support
  • New parallel hardware optimization
  • Support for higher-throughput streaming I/O
  • Improvements in timing optimizations that speed up generated pipelines
  • Optimizing out unnecessary dependencies in address generation
  • Identifying and improving state-enable dependencies for more efficient parallel statement scheduling
  • For selected platform targets, local FPGA memory can now be banked
  • Enables streaming reads and writes to access memories at a wider width than the actual array element width
  • An array of bytes can be generated with eight banks allowing stream reads and writes to process 64 bits per cycle (increasing host I/O by 8X to 16X)
  • Graphical capabilities for the Stage Master Explorer and Debugger tools
  • For pipeline and parallel statement analysis, dataflow graphs are now created dynamically in the Stage Master Explorer tool for improved responsiveness
  • Panning and zooming have been improved for exploring very large and wide pipeline structures
  • Functions can now be debugged by clicking on the function call to open new window displaying the function state

More info: Impulse Accelerated Technologies