Sundance Partners with Impulse Accelerated Technologies

Sundance and Impulse Accelerated Technologies Inc. announced that designers using the CoDeveloper tools now have access to more than 200 Sundance Xilinx FPGA / TI DSP modular platform solutions. Sundance solutions are optimized for applications such as Software Defined Radio (SDR), MIMO, High Speed DAQ, and very complex video and signal processing. The target processing elements include the highest performance Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGAs, hard and soft-core embedded microprocessors such as the PPC405GP, and the highest performance C6000 series DSP from Texas Instruments.

The Impulse CoDeveloper tools allow C-language applications to be quickly and efficiently retargeted to FPGA-based platforms. CoDeveloper is used for embedded systems, signal processing and high performance computing. Compatible with the 3L Diamond FPGA multiprocessing tools, the Impulse C-to-FPGA compiler generates hardware outputs that can be implemented into Sundance platforms, including the RASS – Reconfigurable, Accelerating, Scalable Super Computing solution that delivers low power, extreme parallel processing performance.

More info: Sundance | Impulse