c-Link Systems cLS-Trak-Bot Robotic Vehicle

c-Link Systems’ cLS-Trak-Bot is a table-top sized robotic vehicle that allows students and hobbyists to get hand-on experience with autonomous motion. The Trak-Bot’s drive system was created to look and feel like a bulldozer and/or military tank. The tracks are constructed of an elastic material that provides traction without leaving surface marks. The drive wheel is a toothed gear, balanced with the front line wheel to stay on course. Each track has its own drive transmission and motor combination to provide increased reliability and performance. The chassis is constructed of ABS plastic, which reduces weight and allows for custom painting.

cLS-Trak-Bot robotic vehicleThe Trak-Bot is available today for $132. Volume discounts are available.

Trak-Bot base unit comes with all the drive components, a AA battery holder and a 9V-battery holder. A future version of the Trak-Bot will contain an Altera Cyclone-III(TM) EP3C25 FPGA that can be configured with a 32-bit CPU (NIOS). cuurently, it uses a PSoC® mixed-signal controller from Cypress Semiconductor to manage operations, and users can program the device using Cypress PSoC Express(TM), a visual embedded design software that automatically generates code with no C or Assembly programming.

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c-Link Systems Creates cLS-Trak-Bot Tabletop Sized Robotic Vehicle
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