Intellitech to Present Holistic FPGA Configuration at FPGA Summit

Intellitech Corporation’s CEO, CJ Clark, will present at the inaugural FPGA Summit 2008. Mr. Clark’s tutorial is about “Holistic FPGA Configuration” — an approach that looks at the entire ecosystem requirements needed for FPGA based PCBs. The first annual FPGA Summit will take place on December 9-11 at the Wyndham Hotel in San Jose, California. The summit will focus of FPGAs in aerospace, military, defense, communications, wireless, networking, instrumentation, process and industrial control, automotive, and consumer applications.

Today’s products require protection not just from reverse engineering an FPGA bitstream, but also from illicit product builds, trojan bitstreams, corrupted in-the-field updates, incorrect version updates and unauthorized in-the-field updates. Mr. Clark’s tutorial presents current techniques used for FPGA configuration, the disadvantages, and presents a solution that lowers total system cost.

The holistic approach looks not just at design security but authentication, update safety, ease-of-use at the CM, ease-of-use during PCB test and ease-of-use for in-the-field updates. The approach considers FPGA configuration during all stages of the product’s life, the design, prototype, manufacturing, test, and field service.

More info: Intellitech | FPGA Summit 2008