Celoxica RCHTX Acceleration Board Receives HP Qualification

Celoxica Holdings plc (AIM:CXA) RCHTX acceleration board has passed HP qualification tests, expanding the opportunities for Celoxica’s hardware in the Accelerated Computing market. The board is now available for integration in HP ProLiant DL145 G3 server-based HP Unified Cluster Portfolio solutions for high-performance computing.

Celoxica’s RCHTX board, available immediately in volume production, is a plug-in acceleration card for high-performance servers. Celoxica is working with HP and other server partners to provide power-efficient acceleration technology that increases system performance, scalability and flexibility. Celoxica is also in collaboration with AMD’s Torrenza Initiative to optimize accelerator-to-processor communication speeds. The RCHTX card fits in a HyperTransport(TM) (HTX) socket on the HP ProLiant DL145 server and employs the HTX interface standard to provide rapid communication between a Xilinx Virtex-4(TM) FPGA co-processor and AMD’s Opteron(TM) processors.

Celoxica accelerator technology is used in the financial services, energy and life-sciences industries to speed performance of mission critical applications. In deployment of customer applications, Celoxica has achieved acceleration rates of more than 30x over existing server implementations.

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