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Avnet Electronics Marketing Announces Motor Control App Kit

The Xilinx Zync-7000 All Programmable SoC features an ARM dual-core Cortex-A9 processor + 28 nm programmable logic and the Analog Devices Intelligent Drives Kit delivers high-precision data converters and digital isolation to quickly prototype high-performance motor control, medical, surveillance, machine vision, and dual GbE industrial networking connectivity.

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Tokyo Electron Device Limited Releases Virtex-7 FPGA Development Test Platform

Tokyo Electron Device Limited releases Virtex-7 FPGA development test platform

The TB-7VX-xxxT-PCIEXP series Virtex-7 FPGA evaluation platform for next-gen, high-performance applications comes in three models in three FPGA logic sizes. It supports large-scale PCI Express Gen3 for demanding applications like next-gen wired communication, large-scale SoC prototyping, and high-speed data processing.

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ePC-K7 Embedded Computer Supports Kintex 7 325/410, Spartan 6 FPGAs

Innovative Integration ePC-K7 embedded computer

Innovative Integration announced the ePC-K7 user-customizable, turnkey embedded instrument. The ePC-K7 embedded computer is a full Windows/Linux PC. It supports programmable Kintex 7 325/410 and Spartan 6 FPGAs and a wide variety of FMC modules. The ePC-K7 features a modular IO, scalable performance, and easy to use PC architecture. The embedded system reduces time-to-market.

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Acromag Introduces APCe8670 PMC Module Carrier Card

Acromag APCe8670 PMC module Carrier Card with PCI Express Bus Interface

The Acromag APCe8670 carrier card features a PCI Express bus interface for PC-based embedded systems. Acromag’s FPGA modules or other PMC modules can be plugged into the PMC module carrier card to perform a variety of signal processing functions. With the APCe8670, system designers can use a wide range of available PMC FPGA and I/O modules when developing advanced computing systems on a PC platform with a PCI express bus. Prices start at $750 for the Acromag APCe8670.

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Enclustra Mars ZX3 Embedded Processing Module Features Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA

Enclustra Mars ZX3 embedded processing module (EPM)

Enclustra’s Mars ZX3 embedded processing module is based on the Xilinx Zynq-7020 Extensible Processing Platform. The Mars ZX3 EPM provides a complete system solution in an industry-standard SO-DIMM form factor (68 x 30 mm). The ZX3 is the third member of the Mars family of SO-DIMM sized FPGA modules. The first members included the Mars MX1 and Mars MX2 based on the Artix-7 family of Xilinx FPGA’s. All Mars modules share a common pinout (with some restrictions) which enables easy migration.

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CommAgility AMC-V7-2C6678 AMC Module Features Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA

CommAgility AMC-V7-2C6678 Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) module

CommAgility introduced the AMC-V7-2C6678 Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) module. The AMC-V7-2C6678 features the latest Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA and two Texas Instruments TMS320C6678 multicore DSPs. It includes Serial RapidIO (SRIO), Gigabit Ethernet and PCI Express. The AMC-V7-2C6678 DSP/FPGA Card is available now. It is ideal for high performance DSP/FPGA processing applications like telecoms and image processing.

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Helix_4 FPGA Module Features Altera Cyclone IV E FPGA

Thin Layer Embedded helix_4 FPGA module

The helix_4, by Thin Layer Embedded, is a FPGA module system that helps designers to prototype and quickly build products. It features an Altera Cyclone IV E FPGA. The development board also includes DDR2 DRAM, SRAM, flash, 50MHz oscillator, power supplies and an Atmel ATSHA204 Authentication IC/EEPROM. helix_4 modules are available for pre-order through Thin Layer’s IndieGoGo crowd-funding campaign, and will be stocked at after September 2013.

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Alpha Data ADM-XRC-7Z1 XMC Mezzanine Card Features Xilinx Zynq SoC

Alpha Data ADM-XRC-7Z1 XMC Mezzanine card

Alpha Data introduced their ADM-XRC-7Z1 XMC Mezzanine card. The ADM-XRC-7Z1 features the Xilinx Zynq System-on-Chip (SoC). The ADM-XRC-7Z1 ships with a Software Development Kit (SDK), which includes example designs and software drivers. The board is available in industrial grade and air or conduction cooled variants. The ADM-XRC-7Z1 XMC Mezzanine card suitable for initial development through to deployment in rugged environments.

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