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Altera Introduces Generation 10 FPGA and SoC Devices

Altera Generation 10 FPGAs and SoCs

Altera launched their Generation 10 FPGA and SoC devices. The Generation 10 devices will help engineers to develop highly customized solutions that increases system performance and system integration while lowering operating expenses. Initial samples of Arria 10 devices will be available in early 2014. Altera will have 14nm Stratix 10 FPGA test chips in 2013 and Quartus II software support for Stratix 10 FPGAs and SoCs in 2014.

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Xilinx 7 Series FPGAs, Zynq-7000 SoCs Achieved Full PCI Express Compliance

Xilinx’s All Programmable 7 series FPGAs and Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoCs have achieved full PCI Express compliance and are now listed on the PCI-SIG integrator’s list. With 7 series FPGA and Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC integrated blocks for PCI Express Gen2 and Gen3, designers can meet high system bandwidth and programmable systems integration requirements needed in a variety of markets, including communications, storage and server applications.

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Microsemi EnforcIT Cryptography IP Cores Achieves NIST Certification

Microsemi has achieved National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) algorithmic certification on their U.S.-developed EnforcIT Cryptography Suite of National Security Agency (NSA) Suite B algorithms. The EnforcIT Cryptography Suite was validated by InfoGard Laboratories, Inc. and certified by the NIST. The certification is expected to be posted to the NIST website later this month.

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Xilinx Introduces Zynq-7100 All Programmable SoC Devices

Xilinx Zynq-7100 All Programmable SoC devices

Xilinx launched the new Zynq-7100 All Programmable SoC devices. The Zynq-7100 features an ARM processor and the industry’s highest performance digital signal processing (DSP). The device sets a new industry benchmark with greater than twice the signal processing capability of the most advanced All Programmable SoC available to date. The new member of the Zynq-7000 family is ideal for next-generation smart wireless, broadcast, medical and military applications.

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Lattice Semiconductor Introduces Tiny iCE40 LP384 FPGA

Lattice Semiconductor iCE40 LP384 FPGA

Lattice Semiconductor announced the iCE40 LP384 FPGA. It is the smallest member of the iCE40 family of ultra-low density FPGAs. The iCE40 LP384 FPGA architecture is ideal for capturing and processing large amounts of data at hardware speeds while using very little power and board space. The iCE40 LP384 FPGA devices are available in sample quantities. Present packaging options include 32-pin QFNs (5.0 mm x 5.0 mm), 36-ball ucBGAs (2.5 mm x 2.5 mm), and 49-pin ucBGAs (3.0 mm x 3.0 mm).

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Xilinx Announces Three First in 20nm All Programmable Devices

Xilinx 20nm product portfolio

Xilinx made three announcements about the execution and introduction of their next generation 20nm All Programmable Devices. The announcements are about the Xilinx Vivado Design Suite, tape out of their first 20nm product on TSMC’s 20SoC manufacturing process, and their first ten customer engagements on 20nm architecture evaluations and implementation activities.

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White Paper: Delivering the Right Power and Performance for 28nm High-End FPGAs

Updated 100GbE OTU4 Transponder Power Comparison Using L Devices ~ Altera

Altera published a white paper that explores how their innovations in power and performance continue to enable designers to create differentiating high-performance systems for their end customers. The article outlines the steps taken from process selection through tools and modeling to ensure that the high performance was supported with a competitive power footprint. The title of the Altera technical paper is Delivering the Right Power and Performance for 28nm High-End FPGAs.

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Xilinx Debuts Defense-Grade FPGAs, Zynq-7000 SoCs with 4G Secure Architecture

Xilinx Defense-Grade 7 Series FPGAs and Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoCs with Fourth Generation Secure Capabilities

Xilinx introduced their fourth generation secure architecture with Information Assurance and Anti-Tamper IP core support for defense-grade 7 series FPGA devices and Zynq-7000 All Programmable system-on-chips. In addition to the secure capabilities, the defense-grade 7 series FPGAs and Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoCs offer mask set control, ruggedized packaging with fully-leaded (Pb) content for harsh environmental operation, full extended temperature range testing, long term availability and anti-counterfeiting features.

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Microsemi Debuts SmartFusion2 System-on-Chip Field Programmable Gate Arrays

Microsemi SmartFusion2 system-on-chip field programmable gate array

Microsemi introduced the SmartFusion2 system-on-chip field programmable gate array family. The device features flash-based FPGA fabric, a 166 megahertz (MHz) ARM Cortex-M3 processor, advanced security processing accelerators, DSP blocks, SRAM, eNVM and high-performance communication interfaces. The SmartFusion2 SoC FPGA is ideal for safety-critical applications in industrial, defense, aviation, communications and medical applications. The SmartFusion2 M2S050T samples are available now. First production silicon is expected in early 2013.

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Altera Arria V GZ FPGA Increases Performance by 30%

Altera Arria V FPGA

Altera recently launched their Arria V GZ FPGA. The transceiver variant offers an overall core performance boost of more than two speed grades, which translates to a 30% increase. The Arria V GZ variant provides both the high-speed serial transceivers and the external memory capability that designers need to build bandwidth-hungry data processing systems. Altera Arria V GZ FPGAs are available now and are supported in Quartus II software v12.1.

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