TEK Microsystems QuiXilica Calypso-V5 VXS Digitizer Board

TEK Microsystems introduced the Calypso-V5, the latest member of the QuiXilica VXS product family. The Calypso-V5 VXS is a 6U VME and ANSI/VITA 41 (VXS) compliant high-speed digitizer board that combines high density FPGA processing with the latest 12-bit ADC technology. In interleaved mode, the Calypso-V5 supports two channels at sample rates up to 3.2 GSPS. In non-interleaved mode, the Calypso-V5 supports six channels at sample rates up to 1.6 GSPS with over 2 GHz full power bandwidth, supporting 1st and 2nd Nyquist operation. The QuiXilica Calypso-V5 VXS will be available in for early access customers starting in October 2010.

TEK Microsystems QuiXilica Calypso-V5 VXS

Calypso-V5 VXS 2 12-bit ADCs 3.2 GSPS Features

  • Supports either two 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) channels at 3.2 GSPS (Gigasamples per second) or six channels at 1.6 GSPS
  • Compatible with legacy VME systems as well as newer ANSI/VITA 41 VXS based systems
  • Supports ultra wide band ADC signal acquisition
  • Based on the latest National Semiconductor ADC device
  • Converters provide 12-bit resolution and open analog bandwidth exceeding 2 GHz
  • Includes sample-accurate trigger synchronization in all modes
  • Employs three Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGAs
  • Includes six banks of DDR3 memory with total capacity of 6 GB
  • Aggregates throughput of 38+ GB/s
  • Each FPGA supports a Gigabit Ethernet interface for control plane purposes

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