ASSET InterTech ScanWorks FPGA-Controlled Test

ASSET InterTech announced their new ScanWorks FPGA-Controlled Test (FCT). With ScanWorks FCT, embedded instruments engineers can select the instruments they need, set their parameters and insert them into a field programmable gate array to function as a circuit board tester. Once inserted, ScanWorks FCT operates the board-tester-in-a-chip from a drag-and-drop user interface for validation, testing and debugging. The ScanWorks FCT tool will be available in December.

ASSET InterTech ScanWorks FPGA-Controlled Test (FCT)

ScanWorks automates most of the FCT process. Instruments or instrument functions are selected from a library and matched with a description of one of the supported FPGA devices that is contained in another ScanWorks library. After the engineer sets the configuration parameters on the instruments selected, ScanWorks automatically generates all of the constructs for the embedded tester, facilitates the synthesis of the instrument code into the firmware required by the FPGA and creates the software image of the tester to program the FPGA. ScanWorks then inserts the tester in the FPGA and provides a drag-and-drop user interface to operate and manage the tester. ScanWorks serves as a unified automated environment for the entire process.

ScanWorks FCT Benefits

  • Board-tester-in-a-chip for validation, test and debug
  • Drag-and-drop operational interface to access, manage and coordinate multiple embedded instruments
  • Automatically configures and constructs infrastructure on the FPGA for a board tester
  • Can be deployed temporarily for hardware board bring-up before firmware development has been completed or the OS loaded
  • Can be deployed permanently throughout the life cycle, beginning with design, then manufacturing test and eventually in the field for remote diagnostics and troubleshooting
ASSET InterTech ScanWorks FCT

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