Blue Pearl Software Suite Release 6.0 Improves Support for FPGA, SystemVerilog, VHDL

Blue Pearl Software rolled out the latest release of their EDA software, Blue Pearl Software Suite, for Windows and Linux operating systems. Release 6.0 features enhancements that improve support for SystemVerilog and VHDL, as well as FPGA design. Release 6.0 improves support for SystemVerilog and VHDL and the FPGA synthesis flow. Designers can now mix and match hardware languages in the same design, with language checking that matches their downstream tools. Release 6.0 of Blue Pearl Software Suite is available now.

Blue Pearl Software Suite features comprehensive RTL analysis, clock-domain crossing (CDC) checks, and automatic Synopsys Design Constraints (SDC) generation for FPGA, ASIC and SOC designs. Its visualization and validation technology gives users immediate feedback for validating automatically generated timing constraints.

Blue Pearl Software Suite Release 6.0 Features

  • Improved FPGA synthesis flow
    Improved flow with Synplify Pro enables better handling of SDC constraints
  • Multi-language support
    Full language support for SystemVerilog and VHDL — designers can now mix/match any combination of Verilog, SystemVerilog and VHDL in the same design
  • Longest Path Viewer
    Engineers can now visualize the longest paths of design using the new longest path viewer
  • Improved support for Finite State Machine issues
    Improved detection of unreachable states
  • Improved waiver handling
    Designers can now select multiple messages at once to apply waivers
  • Improved message viewing in Analysis Report viewer
    The text of the currently selected message is displayed in full below the overall report
  • Easier to setup/verify DFT checks
    Users can now specify initialization patterns, scan chains, and test procedures from the GUI
  • Stricter language checks
    Tool now does stricter language checks to match downstream products in the flow
  • Improved support for -f files
    Designers can now both specify a .f file and use the GUI to specify additional input files

More info: Blue Pearl Software, Inc