CAST 32-bit BA22 Processor Cores for Embedded Systems

CAST announced their royalty-free BA22 Processor IP Family for ASICs and FPGAs. The new IP cores are based on the BA22 design sourced from Beyond Semiconductor. The BA22 processor cores feature pipelined 32-bit RISC BA22 architecture, caches and memory management units, up to 32 general purpose registers, enhanced arithmetic processing capabilities (divider and floating point units), power-management unit, interactive JTAG-based debug capability, 1.41 DMIPS/MHz, frequencies from 50 MHz to over 300 MHz, 12,000 to 38,000 gates, and require only 0.023 mW/MHz (in a 65nm process).

CAST BA22-BASE Processor Core

CAST BA22 Processor Cores Features

  • 1.41 DMIPS/MHz
  • Single-cycle execution on most instructions
  • Fast and precise internal interrupt response
  • Custom user instructions
  • Compact code minimizes instruction memory area and power
  • 32-bit architecture reduces power-draining memory accesses
  • 15k gates and low as 0.05mW/MHz on 90nm (BA22-BASE)
  • 19k gates and low as 0.05mW/MHz on 90nm (BA22-ADV)
  • 35k gates and low as 0.05mW/MHz on 90nm (BA22-AP)
  • Harvard-style, separate Instructions and Data caches (BA22-ADV, BA22-AP)
  • Tightly coupled Quick Memory for fast and deterministic access to code and/or data (BA22-ADV, BA22-AP)
  • Power reduction from 2x to 100x by dynamic clock gating for individual units
  • Software controlled clock frequency in slow and idle modes
  • Interrupt wake-up in doze and sleep modes
  • Conventional target-debug agent with a debug exception handler
  • Non-intrusive debug/trace for both RISC and system
  • Complex chained watchpoint and breakpoint conditions
  • Industry standard Amontec JTAGKey USB to JTAG interface
  • 32 bit tick timer, programmable interrupt controller with 32 maskable interrupt sources
CAST BA22-ADV Processor Core
CAST BA22-AP Processor Core

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