XLoom Tests Optoelectronic Modules with Altera Development Kit

XLoom Communications selected Stratix II GX FPGA signal integrity development kit from Altera Corporation’s (NASDAQ:ALTR). XLoom used the kit to test its chip-scale optoelectronic interconnect modules more cost-effectively compared to traditional BER testing equipment. The testing environment delivers a closer representation of actual customer conditions while delivering additional space and energy savings.

The Stratix II GX FPGA signal integrity development kit delivers a more than 90% savings over traditional BER testers that cost as much as $100,000. In addition, the small footprint of the Stratix II GX development kit helps maximize lab space while delivering a significant reduction in energy consumption and minimizing set-up and support time for engineers.

XLoom implemented the unique BER testing procedures using Stratix II GX development boards for the design and production of its AVDAT 4X optical 10GbaseCX4 transceiver. The Stratix II GX FPGAs were instrumental in enabling XLoom to develop InfiniBand SDR and DDR (20 Gbps) connectivity and 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for the AVDAT 4X.

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