Beyond Semiconductor, CAST Debut BA25 Advanced Application Processor

BA25 Advanced Application Processor Core ~ Beyond Semiconductor and CAST

Beyond Semiconductor and CAST announced the BA25 Advanced Application Processor. It is the latest member of the BA2x family of 32-bit processor IP cores. The BA25 Advanced Application Processor Core is available now and is already in use by early customers. The IP core is ideal for demanding embedded applications. It is suitable for use as the main processor for systems running general-purpose operating systems like Linux or Android.

The BA25 Advanced Application Processor Core operates at high frequencies (more than 800 MHz and 1,360 DMIPS in 65 nm LP) while maintaining a smaller silicon footprint than most competing application processors. The IP core supports out-of-order completion and advanced branch prediction. In addition, it uses a seven-stage pipelined architecture with optional two-level caches and memory management functions.

BA25 32-bit Advanced Application Processor Features

  • High Performance 32-bit CPU
  • Seven-Stage Pipeline
  • Out-of Order Completion
  • Sophisticated Branch Prediction
  • Optional Floating Point Unit
  • 1.7 DMIPS/MHz
  • 2.0 Coremarks/MHz
  • 800+ MHz on TSMC 65nm LP
  • Dynamic clock gating and power shut-off of unused units
  • Software- and hardware-controlled clock frequency
  • Wake-up on tick timer or external interrupt
  • Separate Instruction and Data Caches and MMU
  • AXI4 data and instruction buses (32-, 64- or 128-bit) with 4 GBytes direct addressable space on each bus
  • Tightly coupled Quick Memory (QMEM) interface for fast and deterministic access to code and/or data
  • L0 cache running at core frequency and L1 cache running at half the core frequency
  • 1-16 Kbytes L0 caches, up to four-way set associative
  • 32-512 Kbytes L1 caches, up to four-way set associative
  • L0 MMU with up to 32 four-way associative entries
  • L1 MMU with up to 2048 four-way associative entries

More info: BA25 Advanced Application Processor Core (pdf)