Actel Display Reference Designs

Actel is offering five reference designs and VHDL source code free of charge. The reference designs enable the design and deployment of display applications quickly and effectively. The validated and tested reference designs are implemented using the IGLOO Video Demo Kit, which was jointly developed by Actel, Attodyne and Avnet Memec. The kit is available now.

Actel Digital Video and Still-Shot Camera reference design

Actel Reference Designs

  • DVI Input to LCD Reference Design
    Displays video source from DVI-D onto LCD

  • Upscaling Reference Design
    Upscales image by 2X (from 400×240 to 800×480)

  • Photo Viewer Reference Design
    Scrolls through images as a Digital Photo Viewer

  • Video and Still-Shot Camera Reference Design
    Displays camera video/image onto LCD

  • Video MUXing Reference Design
    FPGA MUXes between 3 video sources

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