Helix_4 FPGA Module Features Altera Cyclone IV E FPGA

Thin Layer Embedded helix_4 FPGA module

The helix_4, by Thin Layer Embedded, is a FPGA module system that helps designers to prototype and quickly build products. It features an Altera Cyclone IV E FPGA. The development board also includes DDR2 DRAM, SRAM, flash, 50MHz oscillator, power supplies and an Atmel ATSHA204 Authentication IC/EEPROM. helix_4 modules are available for pre-order through Thin Layer’s IndieGoGo crowd-funding campaign, and will be stocked at after September 2013.

With the helix_4 FPGA module, designers only need to supply it with 5V. The module will handle all it’s own voltage generation. The helix_4 also features a cryptography chip for storing keys, generating random numbers, or running hash algorithms to protect system from counterfeiting.

The module includes online examples, tutorials and code support. The helix_4 FPGA module’s castellated edge connectors allow the board to be soldered-down to a parent circuit board, which lowers the cost.

Thin Layer is an Australian company incorporated on the Gold Coast, Queensland, that develops embedded FPGA products, and provides programmable logic design services to domestic and international clients.

More info: Thin Layer Embedded