ScanWorks PXI-100 Controller Supports JTAG, PCT, FPGA Controlled Tests, Internal JTAG

ASSET InterTech PXI-100 controller for the ScanWorks platform

ASSET InterTech introduced the PXI-100 controller for the ScanWorks platform for debug, validation and test. The PXI-based controller can apply boundary-scan tests based on the IEEE 1149.1/6 standards (JTAG), processor-controlled tests (PCT), FPGA-controlled tests (FCT) and access instruments embedded in chips via the IEEE P1687 Internal JTAG (IJTAG) standard. The PXI-1000 ScanWorks platform controller is available now. Prices start at $4,995.

The new ScanWorks PXI-1000 controller can be operated from a personal computer or installed in a PXI chassis. The tool gives engineers the ability to test circuit boards with four different toolsets, each based on a different test technology.

The PXI-1000 allows ScanWorks to be integrated seamlessly into a number of test executives, including LabView, LabWindows, TestStand, TestStudio, Visual Studio and others. Engineers can debug or test an attached circuit board, validate its performance, program chips or operate the IJTAG instruments embedded in devices on the board.

The PXI-1000 comes with a single-port interface pod for connecting ScanWorks to the board being tested. As many as eight controllers can be installed in one PXI chassis for testing multiple circuit boards simultaneously. In addition, the PXI-1000 controller can manage and monitor as many as eight non-boundary-scan discrete input/output (DIO) signals. Each DIO signal can be manipulated individually by ScanWorks.

More info: ASSET InterTech