eASIC 45nm Value Shuttle Program for Prototyping Designs

Last week, eASIC launched their new Value Shuttle program, which is suppose to lower the entry cost for 45nm ASIC designs. With the Value Shuttle program, designers will receive forty-five (45) eASIC Nextreme-2 NEW ASIC prototypes for only forty-five thousand dollars ($45K), which is smaller than the cost of competing ASIC solutions. The 45nm eASIC Value Shuttle makes it financially practical for engineers to use ASIC instead of FPGA for prototyping designs.

eASIC Value Shuttle Program Highlights

  • Enables designers to inexpensively and quickly test new markets
  • New products can be ramped to production at a much lower device cost than equivalent logic density FPGA devices
  • Easy to transition from FPGAs to eASIC Nextreme-2 ASICs
  • Enables designers to plan FPGA cost reductions right from design start
  • Enables engineers to use ASICs rather than FPGAs for moderate volume applications
  • Available now for all eASIC Nextreme-2 NEW ASIC designs
  • Ideal for demanding end applications like carrier class wireless, wired infrastructure, medical equipment and other applications where FPGAs are too expensive and/power hungry
  • Also ideal for replacing legacy cell-based ASICs that require additional functionality
  • Includes 45 NEW ASIC prototypes but does not include software tools and licensing, design services, and production

More information: eASIC