Altera Arria V Early Power Estimator Tool

Altera introduced their Arria V PowerPlay Early Power Estimator (EPE) tool. As the name implies, Arria V EPE enables designers to accurately evaluate the power consumption savings that can be achieved using Arria V FPGA devices. Arria V FPGAs offer the lowest total power for midrange applications with an optimized balance between power, performance and price. The Arria V architecture has been tailored to maintain current performance while providing power savings.

The Arria V EPE enables system designers to quickly and accurately evaluate a system’s power consumption. The tool helps them speed development time and meet power budgets. The Arria II GX, Arria II GZ and Arria V PowerPlay early power estimator helps engineers determine how low their power can go with Arria V FPGAs. To use the tool, designers input design parameters like logic, clock frequency and I/Os. The Arria V EPE then quickly estimates the power requirements the design will consume.

The Arria V EPE estimates current draw and power consumption, which can be modeled based on the real system’s operating conditions, board type profiles and cooling techniques. The tool outputs not only the total power consumption, but also the power used by each set of elements in the FPGA, the static power, current consumed by each power rail, the junction temperature, and the theta JA, representing the thermal efficiency of the FPGA.

The Altera Arria V PowerPlay early power estimator results are based on preliminary and characterized power data. The results obtained are preliminary estimation of power. The actual ICC should be verified during device operation, as this measurement is sensitive to the actual pattern in the device and the environmental operating conditions.

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