Keil Microcontroller Prototyping System

ARM introduced the Keil Microcontroller Prototyping System (MPS) for the evaluation and prototyping of ARM Cortex-M class processors and user defined peripherals. The Keil MPS features a full-speed Cortex-M0 or Cortex-M3 processor implemented in FPGA and can be integrated with third-party peripheral IP to deliver a prototyping system for hardware and software application development. The ARM Microcontroller Prototyping System is available now.

The MPS enables ARM Partners to implement a Cortex-M class system without having access to the processor RTL, meaning different processors can be benchmarked in order to choose the most suitable for the intended devices price/performance. In addition, the MPS is delivered fully configured with the Cortex-M processor and is fully tested so that the user does not have to test the processor implementation and can immediately begin adding third-party IP or writing software.

Keil MPS Benefits

  • Large FPGA prototyping system based on an Altera Stratix III enables users to incorporate third-party peripherals and IP
  • FPGAs to allow full configuration of the supplied components or prototyping of custom IP implementations
  • An extensive selection of standard IP components suitable for system design
  • Complete, self-contained physical platform together with graphical tools to configure and program the system
  • Cortex-M class processor running at up to 50MHz allows systems to run at close to the speed of the final microcontroller (MCU) device or system-on-chip (SoC)
  • Integrated memory and peripherals interfaces such as USB, Ethernet, DVI, MMC/SD Card, and FlexRay/CAN enable the system to be configured with a wide range of peripherals which may be included on the final SoC
  • Comprehensive Development Tools – the MPS includes the Altera Quartus II Web Edition to build and download the MCU or SoC hardware design to FPGA, Keil ULINK2 JTAG adapter and Keil MDK-ARM (evaluation version) to develop application software

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