Lattice Semiconductor Announces Four Reference Designs for MachXO2 PLD

MachXO2 EFB Block Diagram

Lattice Semiconductor released four new reference designs for their low cost, low power MachXO2 family of programmable logic devices (PLDs). Lattice’s entire portfolio of reference designs optimized for the MachXO2 family can be downloaded at no cost from the Lattice website. Five new demonstration designs and three updated application notes focused on the embedded, Flash memory-based EFB are also now available.

The new reference designs simplify and enhance the usability of the built-in I2C, SPI and User Flash Memory functions in the MachXO2 device’s unique Embedded Function Block (EFB). The RTL code is fully commented and parameterized, and can be easily edited for customized implementations. The new reference designs extend EFB ease-of-use with ready-to-use RTL code for the following functions, each with standard data and command interfaces:

  • I2C-Slave (Lattice reference design number RD1124)
  • SPI-Slave (RD1125)
  • UFM access (RD1126)
  • Embedded Programming (RD1129)

The five new demonstration designs, each with commented, pre-verified RTL and C code, are easily re-usable to help engineers get a head start on their own implementations. The new designs implement the EFB reference designs on Lattice low cost hardware development kits, including the discounted MachXO2 Pico Development Kit, in the following system configurations:

  • I2C Master with I2C Slave (Lattice demonstration design number UG55)
  • SPI Master with SPI Slave (UG56)
  • Master I2C and SPI Using ‘C’ and the LatticeMico8 Microcontroller (UG54)
  • Programming via the Wishbone Bus Interface (UG57)
  • Embedded Programming via I2C (UG58)

Updated documentation for MachXO2 programming, configuration and EFB hard IP functions can be found in the following application notes:

  • TN1204
    MachXO2 Programming and Configuration Usage Guide
  • TN1205
    Using User Flash Memory and Hardened Control Functions in MachXO2 Devices User’s Guide
  • TN1246
    Using User Flash Memory and Hardened Control Functions in MachXO2 Devices Reference Guide

More info: Lattice Semiconductor