D.SignT D.Module2.Base-FMC Board Supports Two Modular Standards

Thanks to the D.Module2.Base-FMC from D.SignT, developers can combine D.Module DSP and FPGA boards with Ansi Vita S7 compliant FMC modules. D.SignT’s D2-Base-FMC is a prototyping and evaluation platform for the D.Module2 family of DSP and FPGA boards. The D.Module2 standard allows stacking of modules so both an FPGA and a DSP module can be used for processing data for the same application. The board’s Ansi Vita 57 compliant FMC LPC IO site enables it to be used with industry-standard mezzanine boards (such as A/D and D/A data acquisition, video and camera interfaces, and digital radio frontends).

D.SignT D.Module2.Base-FMC board

The Eurocard size platform supports various communication interfaces, which are accessible on the front panel. These include 1-lane PCIe, high-speed USB2.0, and Ethernet (100Base-Tx or 1000-Base-T). It also includes an RS232 port and additional FPGA and DSP I/O signals, which are accessible on a patch area below the D.Module2 site.

The FMC site LPC connector is routed to the D.Module2 site. The D.Module2.FPGA provides data (pre-)processing. A D.Module2.DSP board can be mounted on top of the FPGA board for further processing.

The power supply is a single 12V input. All other voltages are generated on board. The FMC mezzanine VADJ voltage supply is programmable by either DSP or FPGA via I2C bus.

D.Module2.Base-FMC Features

  • Rapid Prototyping Platform for D.Module2 DSP
  • FPGA and FMC Mezzanine Boards
  • Vita 57 FMC LPC Mezzanine Site
  • D.Module2.DSP and D.Module2.FPGA Site
  • 12V Single Power Supply
  • PCIe, USB, Ethernet and RS232 Interfaces
  • Patch Area with additional DSP and FPGA signals
  • Size: Eurocard 160×100 mm

More info: Kane Computing | D.SignT