CommAgility AMC-V5Fe Advanced Mezzanine Card

CommAgility launched the AMC-V5Fe mid-size advanced mezzanine card. The AMC-V5Fe includes a high-speed PCI Express interface and a Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA. The module is ideal for many industrial, scientific, and telecoms applications. The AMC-V5Fe module has been widely interoperability tested with manufacturers’ chassis, MCH, and ATCA carriers. Extensive software and firmware library support enables OEMs to port application code quickly, reducing time to market. The AMC-V5Fe is available now.

CommAgility AMC-V5Fe Advanced Mezzanine Card

CommAgility AMC-V5Fe Advanced Mezzanine Card Highlights

  • High processing power is delivered by a Xilinx Virtex-5 LX110T FPGA. This configures and boots from FLASH on reset, using one of 4 selectable configuration images which are customer programmable and can be updated over Ethernet. The FPGA is fully customer configurable.

  • A 4x PCI Express interface and dual Gigabit Ethernet connections provide low latency connection to a wide range of MicroTCA systems and host CPUs.

  • For maximum flexibility, a range of I/O is provided, including CPRI and OBSAI optical links for wireless radios, base stations under test or other optical data links such as SRIO. Advanced clock recovery and synchronisation options include GPS clock sync, avoiding the need for a separate card in the system.

  • The module is available as a mid or full-size AMC depending on configuration. A mezzanine site allows selected customers to add custom I/O or processing to the board if required. A range of build options are available, and further customisation is possible in volume.

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