AKA PRISM300 with Xilinx Spartan-3E FPGA

The PRISM300, from Advanced Knowledge Associates (AKA), is the latest Prepackaged Reconfigurable Integrated System-on-Module (PRISM). The PRISM300 features a high-performance AMCC 440EPx PowerPC core with the low cost, high-density, Xilinx Spartan-3E FPGA, resulting in a 3.2×3.2in 546 pin PGA module with a high level of hardware and software integration and flexibility to enable and accelerate advanced embedded system design. The PRISM300 architecture is modular in nature, allowing for ease of integration of custom user logic and or custom peripheral bridging functions.

AKA PRISM300 Prepackaged Reconfigurable System-on-ModuleThe PRISM300 offers processor performance with speeds up to 667MHz and optional on-chip IPSec/SSL acceleration. The PRISM300 also combines a powerful complement of memory — 32MB SDRAM (FPGA), 1GB DDR2 SDRAM (processor) and 256MB NAND Flash — together with an extensive peripheral set for control, communications and data storage purposes, commonly used in communications, automotive, military, and medical applications. Other features include fast floating point unit for DSP applications, built in security with optional on-chip IPSec/SSL acceleration, and support for Gigabit Ethernet and PCI bus systems.

For additional performance and flexibility the PowerPC is bridged to the Xilinx Spartan-3E with a high bandwidth On-chip Peripheral Bus (OPB) Bus Master controller, facilitating a true, dual processor system capable of implementing nearly any desired expansion interface. By interfacing directly to the OPB in the FPGA, a host of custom peripherals can be quickly and simply added to the 440EPx embedded processor.

Like all PRISMs, the PRISM300 supports Linux, VxWorks, and other MMU-capable OSs. PRISMs also come fully equipped with on board programmable clocks, voltage regulators, and power monitors.


  • Designed with a high-density FPGA (30K LEs) for flexible system design
  • Includes a high-performance PPC440 EPx processor
  • Capacity to store multiple logic-images for the implementation of diagnostics and fault-tolerant applications
  • Capacity to accommodate full-featured software applications in the large on-board flash
  • Accommodates easy feature-set expansion and application flexibility with the on-board high-performance PPC MPU and dedicated DRAM
  • Supports multiple power & performance profiles using the built-in programmable clock circuitry
  • Aggregates discrete logic and interfaces into a single device
  • Supports Linux & other MMU-capable OSs
  • Features a small footprint of 3.2×3.2 inches in a 546 pin PGA

More info: AKA PRISM300