Ambric University Research Program

Ambric’s University Program has now reached 13 members worldwide. All of the program members use Ambric’s Massively Parallel Processor Array (MPPA) chips and aDesigner software development tools to tackle leading-edge research projects more effectively than with the traditional architectures and development tools of digital signal processors (DSPs) and field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). The 1.2 TeraOPS performance and highly scalable architecture of Ambric MPPA chips are ideal for high-performance parallel processing applications — such as medical imaging, video, wireless, image recognition, and defense.

Ambric University Program Members and their applications:

U.S.A. International
Boston University
Protein Docking Simulation
Imperial College London, U.K.
Financial Market Simulation
Brigham Young University
Computer Vision, Image Processing
Halmstad University, Sweden
LTE software-defined radio
Lawrence Livermore National Labs
Image Recognition, Signal Processing
University of British Columbia, Canada
Computer architecture
Portland State University
Machine Learning
University of Santiago, Spain
Video encoding
University of Southern California
Medical Ultrasound
University of Toronto, Canada
Image processing
University of South Carolina
Medical Image Processing
Virginia Tech
Software-defined Radio
University of Washington
Video Encoding, Computer Architecture

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