Altium NanoBoard 3000 FPGA-based Development Board

Altium introduced the NanoBoard 3000 FPGA-based development board. The NanoBoard 3000 is a programmable design environment. It includes hardware, software, ready-to-use, royalty-free IP, and a dedicated Altium Designer Soft Design license. Designers have everything they need to explore FPGAs out of the box. Developers are no longer forced to search the web for drivers, peripherals or other software, and then have the hard work of integrating all these elements to make them work together. The FPGA evelopment board, the royalty-free IP, and Altium Designer, costs only $395 (US).

Altium NanoBoard 3000 Overview

  • Reprogrammable hardware development platform that harnesses the power of a dedicated high-capacity, low-cost programmable device to allow rapid and interactive implementation and debugging of your designs
  • Perfect entry-point to discover and explore the world of FPGA based embedded systems design. Programmable hardware realm allows you to update the design quickly and many times over without incurring cost or time penalties
  • Works seamlessly and in full synchronization with Altium’s nextgeneration electronic design solution, Altium Designer
  • High-capacity FPGA located on the motherboard, and provision for a single plug-in peripheral board (Altium or user’s own) for additional system flexibility
  • Automatic peripheral board detection and configuration
  • Dual boot system, allowing the board to update its firmware in the field by itself, over a standard USB connection – no parallel port or USB JTAG Adapter required

The first NanoBoard 3000 features a Xilinx Spartan 3AN FPGA. Two more NanoBoards, featuring Altera and Lattice FPGAs, are planned. In all three NanoBoard options, the FPGA is fixed. Designers using the NanoBoard 3000 will also have the option to deploy their designs in modular commercial enclosures from Altium. Available in a variety of sizes, these will let designers go from prototype to commercial product in one step, simply by snapping the NanoBoard 3000 into the enclosure.

The NanoBoard 3000 is available for a suggested retail price of US$395 and includes a 12-month subscription to an Altium Designer Soft Design License, which also includes all software updates released by Altium during the 12-month subscription period. Licenses can be renewed for the equivalent of $19.95 per month purchased in 12-month blocks. Users of the latest release of Altium Designer can also use the NanoBoard 3000.

Using the NanoBoard 3000, electronics designers can construct sophisticated ‘soft’ processor-based systems inside FPGAs without any prior FPGA expertise. Engineers do not need any specialist VHDL or Verilog skills. Instead, they can use their existing board layout and systems design skills to construct, test and implement FPGA-based embedded systems. The IP libraries and intuitive graphical editors that are central to Altium Designer mean they can simply add processors, memory controllers, peripheral blocks and software stacks. They have everything they need to create next-generation, FPGA-hosted embedded systems with off-the-shelf components without having to write HDL or low level driver code.

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