Altium Innovation Station

The Altium Innovation Station combines the Altium Designer unified electronics design software with the newly-extended Altium NanoBoard range of reconfigurable hardware platforms. The result is a complete electronics design environment that puts device intelligence at the center of the design process. This enables designers to create real and sustainable differentiation through continuous design innovation. The Altium Innovation Station, consisting of Altium Designer 6 and Altium’s Desktop NanoBoard, is available now for purchase. Altium’s range of deployment NanoBoards will be available later in 2008.

Altium Innovation Station Benefits

  • Aesthetics implemented in the soft design can be changed after the product is manufactured and deployed.
  • The design IP is programmed into the system, rather than manufactured on the board.
  • This IP is much easier to protect (the source code is not shipped with the product so is much harder to copy).
  • Soft design can happen before the hardware platform is designed.
  • Soft design can continue after the hardware is designed.
  • Soft design can continue after the hardware is manufactured.
  • Soft design can continue after the hardware is deployed to the end customer.
  • Soft design provides the basis for an ‘ecosystem’ which connects the customer to the vendor via the device.

Using the Altium Innovation Station, designers can design in the soft domain, without having to pre-determine the hardware platform on which the product will be delivered. Its unified environment allows them to easily exploit today’s low-cost, high-performance programmable devices to create and deliver the intelligence they need to create sustainable differentiation. They can then quickly and easily test, analyze and debug the design using the Desktop NanoBoard reconfigurable hardware development platform which is integrated with Altium Designer. The reconfigurable Innovation Station allows designers to compare the performance benefits and trade-offs of different FPGAs without changing their design.

Designers then deploy to one of a new range of deployment NanoBoards – off-the-shelf hardware options that let designers deploy their designs as physical hardware without the need to manufacture any custom hardware. This allows them to consider any number of execution possibilities for their design, with or without design intelligence, with or without physical hardware.

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