TrellisWare RapidFire Development Board

TrellisWare Technologies’ new RapidFire development board features Stratix® II FPGAs from Altera Corporation (NASDAQ: ALTR). The RapidFire development board enables fast prototyping and testing of complex physical-layer designs. The board hosts two Stratix II FPGAs, which offer designers a high-density solution rich in logic and RAM blocks, ideal for hardware acceleration of even the most advanced commercial and military communication architectures. The RapidFire development board allows customers to target either a Stratix II FPGA or a pin- and package-compatible HardCopy® II structured ASIC solution for production.

Through the RapidFire environment, customers can develop, test and prototype advanced military communications systems, and seamlessly implement their design into either a Stratix II FPGA or HardCopy II structured ASIC. By scaling their completed designs to a HardCopy II structured ASIC, customers can gain a size, weight and power (SWaP) advantage.

Stratix II FPGAs bring a high-performance, high-density solution to the RapidFire development board, allowing customers to evaluate TrellisWare’s full range of waveform, high-speed modem and forward error correction (FEC) intellectual property (IP) products. In addition, RapidFire enables evaluation of TrellisWare’s Chameleon, a powerful, low-power FEC ASIC which implements TrellisWare’s Flexible Low Density Parity Check (F-LDPC) technology.

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TrellisWare RapidFire Development Board Features Altera Stratix II FPGA