MP32 MIPS-based Soft Core Processor for Altera FPGA and ASIC Devices

Altera, MIPS Technologies and System Level Solutions (SLS) teamed together on the MP32 soft core processor. The MP32 is a MIPS-based, FPGA-optimized soft processor for Altera’s FPGA and ASIC devices. The MP32 processor is available now from SLS. The soft processor is royalty free and sold on an unlimited use basis when targeting Altera’s FPGA devices. The MP32 processor is ideal for the development of flexible, single-chip solutions used in networking, video and digital signal processing applications.

MP32 MIPS-Based soft core processor - System Level Solutions (SLS)

SLS MP32 Processor Features

  • Optimized for efficient resource utilization and performance on Altera’s FPGA/HardCopy devices
  • Cyclone, Arria, Stratix Series FPGAs capable
  • Up to 300 DMIPS in Stratix devices and 115 DMIPS in Cyclone devices
  • Consumes less than 5500 Adaptive Logic Modules in Stratix devices and less than 8000 Logic Elements in Cyclone devices
  • Inherits all embedded, networking and video IP available with Qsys
  • Perpetual use, royalty free, unlimited number of cores for FPGA usage
  • 100% MIPS 2.0 architecture compliant
  • MIPS 4KEc based feature set
  • Leverages MIPS Navigator ICS software development suite
  • Supports Wind River’s VxWorks RTOS
  • Works with Wind River Workbench Software Development Suite
  • Supports Lauterbach Trace 32 debug and off-chip trace probe
  • Designed to be used with Altera’s Qsys system integration tool
  • Entry-level applications class soft processor
  • Memory management unit
  • Configurable instruction and data cache
  • Stand-alone eJTAG IP core for processor debug

More info: Altera | MIPS Technologies | SLS Corporation