PCI-SIG Compliant Arria GX FPGA Development Kit

Altera’s (NASDAQ: ALTR) Arria(TM) GX FPGA Development Kit has passed PCI-SIG’s compliance tests. Altera(R) Arria GX FPGAs, combined with Altera’s PCI Express x4 MegaCore(R) intellectual property (IP) function, are an integral part of the lowest-cost, PCI-SIG-compliant development kit in the industry. The kit provides designers with an ideal platform for developing PCI Express (PCIe), Serial RapidIO(TM) (SRIO) and Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) solutions for communications, storage, computing, industrial, medical and consumer applications. Built on a PCIe form-factor card, the low-cost Arria GX FPGA Development Kit delivers a complete environment for developing and testing designs that implement high-speed serial interfaces in Arria GX FPGAs.

Arria GX FPGAs are optimized to support PCIe, GbE and SRIO standards up to 2.5 Gbps. These standards are rapidly emerging as mainstream protocols in a wide variety of markets and applications. Features of the Arria GX family include the proven Stratix(R) II GX transceiver technology, flip-chip packages for superior signal integrity, software tools and verified IP cores.

Altera’s feature-rich and flexible PCI Express MegaCore IP supports x1 and x4 endpoint applications. In addition to the Arria GX family of FPGAs, this PCI Express IP core can also be used with the Cyclone(R) series, Stratix series and HardCopy(R) series of devices.

Arria GX FPGAs are now shipping and available for ordering through Altera distributors worldwide. The Arria GX FPGA Development Kit is also available for ordering through Altera distributors, with a list price of $995.

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